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Staying Safe at Railroad Crossings

By |2012-06-25T01:50:00-07:00June 25th, 2012|Blog|

As an owner/operator, you probably understand the importance of truck insurance. After an accident, if you are unable to replace or repair your truck, you will be unable to continue your career behind the wheel. Sometimes collisions occur because drivers are inexperienced with handling a big rig. Operation Lifesaver, Inc. has compiled these tips to [...]

Staying Awake During Long Hauls

By |2017-05-19T11:47:20-07:00June 18th, 2012|Blog|

What is needed to be a cross-country driver? All drivers need a sufficient amount of truck insurance and to be able to manage boredom and fatigue. These two things go hand-in-hand, as those who are unable to stay awake behind the wheel could find they're filing a collision claim after being on the road only a [...]

Commercial Drivers and DUIs

By |2012-06-14T10:55:00-07:00June 14th, 2012|Blog|

Obtaining a commercial driver’s license is an easy way to boost your career choices. From school buses to coast-to-coast deliveries, you may find that many more opportunities open up before you once you have earned your CDL. Of course, along with purchasing truck insurance, there are also new driving regulations you should learn. An important [...]

Federal Changes to Truckers’ Scheduling

By |2012-06-06T09:55:00-07:00June 6th, 2012|Blog|

One of the biggest risks of operating a big rig can be the long work hours. With strict deadlines, truckers may feel forced into sleep deprivation in order to get their load to its destination on time. A drowsy driver in control of an 18-wheeler could be deadly for anyone else on the road and [...]

Safety Tips for Driving With Large Loads

By |2017-05-19T11:47:20-07:00June 1st, 2012|Blog|

It is vital that as a big rig driver, you adjust your driving for heavier loads. Failing to do so could lead to filing a claim with your truck insurance provider due to an accident. Here are a few facts the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration wants all truck drivers to know. Did you know [...]

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