Dump Truck Insurance

With Berrier Insurance by your side, your dump trucks can keep on trucking!

At Berrier Insurance, we understand the daily risks you face as a dump truck operator. We have been serving insurance to commercial truckers in California and beyond since 1981! That’s why we have partnered with one of the most trusted names in dump truck insurance, Progressive Insurance. Progressive’s exclusive Dirt, Sand & Gravel program is designed to meet your specific needs, while saving you substantial money. What more could you ask for?

The Benefits of Berrier Insurance

There are a number of benefits offered by our agency that you will not find anywhere else. We don’t mean to honk our own horn, but see for yourself…

  • Down payments as low as 17% and no interest charges.

  • Fastest claim payment in the industry—we work to get you back on the road faster!
  • No liability deductible—no more dealing with windshield claims!
  • Combined deductible is standard—you could save thousands if you have an accident!
  • Working with the largest truck insurer in the nation!
  • Network truck repair shops make the claims process fast & easy… and guaranteed!
  • And much more…

Peace of Mind on the Road Starts NOW

At Berrier Insurance, we know that fast certificates are essential. As a customer, you will have access 24/7 to issue certificates on your smart phone or computer. Our team can also get your certs out within 59 minutes during business hours. Why have the process delayed? Our agency is here to speed up the process and get you on the road as soon as possible. Protecting your crew, business, trucks, and equipment is important to us—so let’s get started! Whether you’re in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Indiana, North Dakota, or Minnesota, we can help you!

Please dial 800-750-1812 or fill out a free quote form to learn more about our dump truck insurance solutions, today.