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Truckers Against Human Trafficking

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The DVD features interviews with the FBI, a prosecuting attorney, truckers who have seen human trafficking taking place on their routes, a trafficking victim rescued from a truck stop through the call of a trucker, actual footage of prostituted women at a travel plaza and information on concrete ways members of the trucking/travel plaza industry [...]

Cargo insurance rule ends for most truckers

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The federal cargo insurance mandate ends March 21 for most truckers, but the 76-year-old requirement will continue for household goods carriers and freight forwarders. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration final rule ends the $5,000 cargo coverage minimum requirement affecting for-hire motor common carriers of property and having to file proof of coverage with the [...]

Health Care for Truckers

By |2015-01-23T23:17:18-08:00March 3rd, 2011|Blog|

Health Care for Truckers The Healthy Trucking Association of America and the Convenient Care Association announced plans to launch a nationwide program aimed at making high-quality health care more accessible and affordable for professional truck drivers. The joint initiative was announced at the Healthy Trucking Summit, taking place through March 3 in Atlanta. Through the [...]

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