Did you know the warm weather increases the chance of having a tire blowout? While your truck insurance may assist with the cost of damages from the blowout or resulting wreck, a responsible driver adjust his or her driving habits to the limit the risk. 

The inner temperature of your tires may already be increased due to the heat outside, but could rise even more as you speed up, which causes friction. By slowing down, you could counteract the warmth and keep your tires intact.

When heated, asphalt expands, which can create more hazards along the surface of highways as cracks widen. Poor road conditions such as these could very easily cause blowouts. Breaks in the asphalt could puncture a tire and with the interior of the tire overheated, a major blowout may be just a few seconds away.

When you experience a blowout while driving, keep control of the steering wheel and maintain a straight line with your vehicle. Slow down gradually until you are able to stop the truck safely. Avoid slamming on the brakes where possible, as this could cause the truck to flip over. Instead, allow the vehicle to slow naturally by lifting your foot from the gas pedal if this is at all possible in the circumstances in which you find yourself.

While you may be fully covered by truck insurance, you still do not want to cause an accident that could cause injuries to you or others. Keeping your tires properly inflated could help prevent those tire blowouts. Check the pressure of your tires at least twice a week during the summer months.