What is needed to be a cross-country driver? All drivers need a sufficient amount of truck insurance and to be able to manage boredom and fatigue. These two things go hand-in-hand, as those who are unable to stay awake behind the wheel could find they’re filing a collision claim after being on the road only a short period of time. Truly successful truckers find ways to keep themselves awake during long hauls. Below is some advice that veteran drivers may pass down to greenhorns before their first 1,000 mile trip.

  • Cracking a window may help keep you alert, especially on chilly nights.
  • Some drivers swear by ice chips. While there is no stimulant in water, the act of chewing often helps increase one’s attentiveness.
  • Many people turn to caffeinated drinks such as coffee, to help keep them alert. While this is an efficient way to extend your alertness, it is vital you keep in mind the chances of a caffeine crash, which could occur once your body stops ingesting the beverage.
  • Taking appropriate breaks is vital.

It is important to remember that the above suggestions cannot replace a good night’s rest. When you realize you have depleted your energy for the day, find a place to rest immediately. Drowsy driving could not only cause your truck insurance premiums to rise should you get into an accident, but the crash could also cause serious injury to you or to the occupants of a smaller vehicle.*