Big Rig Insurance

Are You Driving with Big Rig Insurance That Will Protect You When Things Go Wrong?

Professional truckers have tough jobs. Balancing operating budgets, fuel costs, and keeping up with rigorous schedules is difficult enough. Then there’s the big rig insurance.

The larger the vehicle, the greater the potential expense will be in an accident. You need to know that you are covered in case things go wrong.
Truck drivers travel approximately 140 million miles across the United States annually. Long-distance truckers cover an average of more than 100,000 miles a year. Semi trucks travel 42% of all miles driven by commercial vehicles.

Make sure you have a reliable company on your side while you travel your part of those 140 million miles. Berrier Insurance is ready to ride with you on the good days and the bad. Let us give you peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel of your big rig.

Big Rig Insurance Coverage That Gives You Confidence

Our comprehensive policies provide the coverage you need to drive with confidence. We specialize in transportation, which gives us a unique perspective. Our staff understands the needs of truckers. We provide custom insurance packages that cover essentials like:

  • Physical damage

  • Truck liability

  • General liability

  • Warehouse liability

  • Motor truck cargo

  • And more!

Let us know what you drive, and we’ll create a policy that meets your needs.

Dedicated Staff That Will Get You Answers

When you have questions about your policy, our dedicated staff is ready to get the answers you need.

Keeping to your schedule is an important part of your job. We work quickly to minimize downtime and help you get back on the road sooner so that you and your clients avoid delays.

Whether you need information, certificates of insurance, or any other documentation, we are on it!

Berrier is Your Affordable Big Rig Insurance Provider

Let us help you drive legally, stay protected, and keep costs down with affordable big rig insurance. We work with individual drivers and companies in California, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, Indiana and Minnesota.

Click on the “Get Quote Now!” button on this page or call us at 800-750-1812 to learn more about how to find low-cost big rig insurance today.