Since Uber Freight began in May 2018 it has been a successful way for large & small owner operators alike, to find loads and promote the growth of their business’s. This Wednesday the ride-hailing company’s Uber Freight division has taken another powerful leap in the trucking world with its new Powerloop service. Powerloop has began operation in Texas and is being tested by Anheuser-Busch.

“Powerloop enables a common pool of trailers which can be utilized by a diffuse set of shippers and any eligible carrier,” the company claimed in a statement. “By renting trailers, Powerloop is lowering the barrier to entry to trailer pool programs and unlocking access to drop freight for trucking companies of all sizes.” This is a game-changer for all owner-operators in the trucking industry.

Vice President of Anheuser-Busch Ties Soeters stated, “We have been working with Uber for a number of months trialing Powerloop and are already seeing the benefits this model can bring. We believe universal trailer pool programs have the capability to fundamentally improve the whole supply chain and deliver a win-win for all involved: less carrier investments in assets, more miles for the driver through shorter wait times and greater operational performance for the shipper.”


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