Trucking Workers Compensation Insurance

The average trucker books over 100,000 miles every year. Is safety YOUR priority every mile?

At Berrier Insurance, YOUR safety is OUR priority. Accidents are a part of life, and we get that. And when you’re on the road, we want to help you be certain that if an accident does happen, you have the protection you need. How can we do that? With commercial truck insurance packages that are customized to your unique risks and needs.

Keep Your Employees Safely On the Road

In the trucking industry, your business’ success depends on the time you spend on the road. When your employees can’t be on the road, your company is losing valuable time and money. As an employer, you surely want to do everything you can to keep your truckers safe ON the road. That is why you want to have comprehensive workers compensation that can provide benefits such as:

  • Medical Care
  • Temporary & Permanent Disability Benefits
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits
  • Job Displacement Benefits
  • Death & Final Expense Benefits

In many states, the law mandates that workers compensation be provided to all employees. If any of your truckers becomes injured or ill on the job, you’ve got to be sure they’re taken care of. Let us help you with that!

Your Trucking Experts

We’re sure that you can get workers compensation as part of your commercial truck insurance package from anyone. But are you sure that you can obtain a policy that is specialized to your needs? When you choose Berrier Insurance for your trucking needs, you are choosing a company that understands how to keep you on the road… safely. An accident or claim shouldn’t stop you from running your business.

If you want the straight answers to all of your workers compensation questions and you want them now, call Berrier Insurance at 800-750-1812, fill out a quote form on this page. We’re licensed in California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota and Washington.

Make the next set of miles you book safer with workers compensation. And then you can head out and book 1,000,000 more miles!