Just as with typical car coverage, the cost of a truck insurance policy could be affected by a number of factors, including your driving record, the amount of coverage you need, how often you could be on the road. Drivers are often surprised to find that they must pay higher premiums on their truck than they do on their regular vehicle. Why could this be the case? There are several reasons that could explain the high premium of your truck policy.

  • The argument that a truck is bigger and therefore less likely to be damaged in a collision is not quite correct. While you may be safer in a truck, these large vehicles often cause more damage to property and persons during an accident.
  • Also trucks, like SUVs, are top-heavy, which could make them prone to roll-overs. This fact has led many manufacturers of trucks to place a warning of the danger inside the driver’s visor.
  • Truck parts also tend to be more expensive because of the size of the vehicle. Four-wheel drive trucks may be even more costly to repair that their two-wheel drive counterparts.
  • Trucks are also the target of joy riders and thieves, which also contributes to high insurance rates.

By maintaining and securing your vehicle and driving safely, you may keep your truck insurance at an affordable level. Call us to find out how affordable we can make your coverage.