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Accidents happen — it’s part of life. Whether the accident warrants a quick trip to the emergency room or a lengthy hospital stay, medical expenses are involved. When the accident occurs on the job, it’s the employer who picks up the tab.

Unless the business is one of the exceptions, workers compensation insurance is not an option! Why? As a rule, a company with any employees is mandated to purchase workers compensation insurance to cover medical expenses, permanent disability, and a portion of the injured employee’s wages. On-the-job injury resulting in the death of an employee is also covered; a death benefit is paid to the worker’s beneficiary. Companies can’t afford not to purchase workers compensation insurance: under the law, a company who pays out workers compensation is protected from civil lawsuits regarding injuries on the job.

Still not convinced of the need for workers compensation insurance? For companies who violate the mandate, the law is quite unforgiving: it’s a Class A misdemeanor not to provide coverage for workers, with severe monetary penalties. Repeated violations upgrade to a Class D felony. Termination of an employee who is injured while working and/or who files a workers compensation claim is also illegal.

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