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Avoid These Common Workers Comp Back to Work Mistakes

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You may think that workers compensation insurance is a necessary evil for you as an employer. How you handle on the job injuries and, more importantly, how you handle the out of work situations that you will face with your employees will go a long way toward reducing or increasing your future workers compensation costs. Below are [...]

History of Trucking Industry

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The trucking industry has affected the political and economic history of the United States in the 20th century. Before the invention of automobiles, most freight was moved by train or horse-drawn vehicle. Trucks were first used extensively by the military during World War I. With the increase in construction of paved roads, trucking began to [...]

Are You Being Watched?

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For many years, insurance companies that write personal automobile coverage used very conventional ways to develop the premiums they charged their customers. For decades the final cost of coverage was based on criteria such as:   driver age   the geographic area (territory) of operation   miles driven   vehicle use (pleasure, business, farming)   marital [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I am planning on operating nationwide (48 states). What permits will I need? A: FMCSA MC Authority with a DOT number. Truck registration requires IRP, Single State Registration (SSRS) and IFTA. Depending upon which states you operate in, there may be individual state permits needed also. Q: I am just starting my business - [...]

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