Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

The value of shipped goods per year is about $139 billion. Talk about precious cargo! Are you equipped with the proper motor truck cargo coverage?

Freight haulers face a tremendous number of risk exposures, especially as they relate to the transportation of cargo. If said cargo is damaged, lost, or stolen, the hauler could be held responsible for any and all financial damages. That’s why it is imperative a viable motor truck cargo insurance policy is in place. It is specifically designed to cover your liability for cargo that is lost and/or damaged.

A Policy for Your Precious Cargo

At Berrier Insurance, our agents work hard to design a motor truck cargo insurance policy that meets your business’ exact needs. We offer coverage that can provide protection against a variety of mishaps, including damage caused by:

  • Collision
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • And more…

Motor truck cargo insurance can even be designed to pay for extra expenses and costs, such as legal fees. Bear in mind when drawing up a policy, we will work closely with you to determine an acceptable—and bearable—level of financial coverage. Our agents understand your concern to save, and we will make certain that you are comfortable with your premium.

Don’t Forgo Coverage for Cargo!

Instead of worrying about the “what ifs,” it is time to turn to the professionals who care. Our agents at Berrier Insurance welcome all of your questions and concerns. It is OUR JOB to get to know your business and OUR JOB to educate you on your options.

Reach out to us at your earliest convenience to get started! We’re licensed in California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, and Washington.

Once you reach out to us, you can focus on providing the best service to your clients, with your new found peace of mind. Please call 800-750-1812 or take a moment to fill out the free quote form on this page. At Berrier Insurance, your long term success is our immediate concern.