There’s a lot to consider if you’re planning to start a contracting business in California.  You will need to invest in business premises, equipment, vehicles and materials in addition to purchasing California contractors insurance. For a licensed plumber, electrician or other building professional who intends to launch a contracting business utilizing skills and experience that have been built up over the years now might be a good time to learn some new skills to help manage your new business.

Among the insurance products that can protect your investment are general liability coverage, mandatory workers compensation and commercial auto insurance. You should also have a Contractor’s License Bond if your business will be operating in California.

Preparing quotations for contract work will become an important part of your routine when you start your contracting business. Use any resources you can that will help you to quote quickly and accurately: you will find plenty of practical advice online, and you might want to consider using one of the free quotation templates to help you to produce professional bids for contract work.

While you investigate ways of preparing business quotations, check out some of the financial management information that’s available online for new business owners. For professional advice on insurance matters for your business, consider engaging a local insurance agency to help you choose California contractors insurance for your new business.