Electricians, plumbers and other building professionals are always in demand in California, so starting a business as a contractor offers a chance to make a comfortable living. Contract work does have financial risks, and it’s important for your new contracting business to carry appropriate California contractors insurance to protect your investment.

We know that when you first start working as a contractor you will be keen to take on as much work as you can to get your new business off the ground. A word of warning: beware of taking on too much. An overloaded schedule is not just bad for your health and well being, it’s bad for business.   

Remember that although you take great care in your work, many of your customers will not have the experience or knowledge to be able to judge whether your workmanship is excellent, good, or just okay. What they will notice, however, is whether you arrived at the agreed time to do the job. Don’t allow your daily schedule to become a list of back to back appointments; allow yourself a bit of leeway for technical problems, traffic holdups or any of those other delays that can disrupt your schedule.

Arriving late for a job is not a good way to start a job:
•    You’ve already disappointed and annoyed your client before you even arrive to do the job.
•    You have to spend time apologizing for your lateness; this puts out your schedule even more.
•    Your client will be less inclined to forgive any other delays, accidents or oversights.

Remember that traditional advertising and marketing is expensive; to save on advertising costs, aim for repeat custom and word-of-mouth recommendations from delighted clients. Being late for appointments is unlikely to delight your clients, but a well-earned reputation for reliability can pay dividends.

Starting a new contracting business involves a lot of expenses – tools, a motor vehicle and California contractors insurance to name a few. Aim to delight your customers with your superior workmanship and reliability, and you may never have to pay to advertise your services.