No matter how much insurance you might have on your truck or car, it
would be little comfort in the event that you were involved in a serious crash.
Once of the most risky scenarios for drivers of all vehicles can be driving
through a construction zone. Accidents are relatively common in these zones,
and can be serious, despite reduced speed limits that might be imposed.
According to
Road Safe America, almost a third of fatal accidents in these
zones involve trucks. Here are a few of the risk factors to be aware of when
driving through these zones.


Sometimes these zones are a bit like rush hour traffic in the city. The
traffic is moving slowly and some drivers are looking around at what’s going
on, others are checking their cell phones, and one or two are probably having a
meltdown because they’re going to be late. The evidence on driver distraction
is quite clear – distraction puts you at a substantially higher risk of an

Sudden stopping

Much like the rush hour city traffic, where there’s a lot of stopping
and starting going on, and distracted drivers, there are going to be crashes.

Trucks and machinery

Add a large truck or a piece of heavy machinery to the mix, and the risk
of serious injury in a crash is high even at low speeds. In highway
construction areas there are often heavy vehicles entering the road or

Having insurance for your truck or car will always be important, but a
vehicle can be replaced.  People can’t.
Look out for your own safety as a driver, and be mindful of the safety of road
workers too.