Are you thinking about starting your own contracting or construction business? There are many types of business insurance you may want to think about. Truck insurance is one of these. This type of insurance is very important and needs to provide the right coverage for your requirements. Specific insurance needs for construction trucks are dictated by your State, but there are some common facts you should know.

The types of employees you have may help dictate the specific coverage you need. Whether you have a regular team or work by yourself, all drivers should be listed on the policy. Before you hire temporary labor, you should make sure your policy has “permissive use” coverage, which provides coverage for any employee who is not listed by name on the policy.

In the case that your employees regularly run business errands or deliveries in their own vehicles you may want to consider additional coverage for such events. Typical commercial auto insurance policies do not cover personal vehicles, so this may be a topic you want to discuss with one of our experienced agents.

Truck insurance is an important aspect of a construction owner’s business expenses. Policies should be reviewed annually to ensure adequate coverage at an affordable price. Speak to your agent about getting the best deal for your requirements.