With warm summer weather often comes with heavy rain in many parts of the country. Long haul driving can be dangerous at the best of times, but when you add severe weather into the mix, it can become treacherous. Keep safer on the road and help keep your truck insurance claims to a minimum by educating yourself and any driver you employ on a few wet weather driving tips:

  • Reduce speed. Poor visibility and wet roads can all contribute to the likelihood of an accident, particularly if you are travelling at high speeds.
  • Keep to the middle lane where possible. During rain water tends to gather at the sides of the road so staying out of the right hand lane is a good idea.
  • Keep windshield wipers well maintained and check they are working before each journey.
  • Be aware that cars and other smaller vehicles around you may have reduced visibility as a result of the spray from your truck and drive accordingly.
  • Hydroplaning can be an extremely dangerous situation. In the event that your truck starts to lose control the best thing to do is resist the temptation to slam on the brakes, brake slowly and gently and try to keep your truck pointing in the right direction.

Stay safer on the roads this summer, and hopefully reduce the risk of needing to make a claim on your truck insurance. To find out more about truck insurance contact one of our agents today.*