According to a recent press release by Road Safe America, research undertaken by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) revealed that using speed limiters in trucks reduces the crash risk by 50%. That’s a very significant figure indeed. As a fleet owner, you might be wondering if could have a favorable impact on your truck insurance costs. The answer is likely to be yes, however the benefits may not stop there.

Steve Owings from RSA suggested that companies using the speed limiters have learned that there are savings in fuel and vehicle maintenance when the devices are used. Owings also pointed out that other devices such as those that perform electronic logging may be advantageous too, by reducing the risk of having fatigued drivers on the road.


With fuel and maintenance being significant expenses for fleet owners, even a small saving of 10% on these costs could represent a significant annual saving. Add to that a potential reduction in truck accidents for your fleet and the potential savings both on insurance and out of pocket accident expenses and the speed limiter begin to look like a very worthwhile option.


So exactly how might speed limiters reduce your truck insurance expenses? The devices have the potential not only to reduce the number of crashes, but to reduce the level of cost for your insurer when an accident does occur – that’s because less damage and injury tends to occur at lower speeds. Why not find out a little more about fitting out your fleet with speed limiters and/or electronic logging devices?