Becoming an owner/operator is a goal of many individuals. When you own a truck having the right level of truck insurance is essential. Another important skill vital to a truck driver is being able to navigate the roads safely. Here are five tips you should keep in mind each time you climb behind the wheel of your truck.

  • Your truck has a number of large blind spots. While you cannot keep people from driving in these areas, be very careful as you turn, switch lanes, or back up. Not all vehicle drivers realize that you cannot see them.
  • Tailgating is against the law in many states. With a large vehicle, stopping requires more distance, so driving too close to the car in front of you heightens the risk of accident.
  • Passing can be tricky for large trucks. Make sure you check your mirrors and use your turn signal before taking action.
  • Before turning do you best to check for vehicles coming up between you and the curb. As many trucks make wide turns, you may inadvertently force unseen vehicles off the road, causing an accident in the process.
  • Stay focused on the road. Driving a large truck is very different from handling a smaller vehicle. Maintaining a good level of focus may be the key to avoiding an accident or injury.


Even the most experienced drivers can have accidents, sometimes due to the poor decisions of the drivers around them or conditions beyond their control. Investing in truck insurance enables you to have some financial back up in the event of damage that needs to be repaired, or accident injuries for which you are found liable.