a truck professionally may not be glamorous, but freight is an essential part
of this country’s economy. Being an owner/operator is similar to being a
business owner – there are certain expenses that are necessary and unavoidable.
For truck drivers, one such bill is insurance. Just because you have to pay for
insurance does not mean you have to settle for outrageous premiums. There are a
few things that may help you get a lower rate.


installing a security alarm – big rigs are sometimes targeted by joy riders. An
alarm could scare off individuals with criminal intentions. You may also want
to consider adding safety features, such as switching out your bench seat for
bucket seats. Increasing the security and safety of your vehicle could make the
truck less of a liability.


case the above suggestions do not help, take the time to carefully examine your
current insurance plan. Is there any coverage you are paying for that you do
not need? For example, if your employer already provides roadside assistance,
it may not make sense to pay your insurer for the same service. Eliminating unnecessary
parts in your policy could lead to savings.


The biggest effect on your insurance rates is
likely to be your behavior behind the wheel. By driving safely and avoiding
accidents, your insurer is likely to reward you with more affordable premiums.