Do you have truck insurance? It is an essential investment for all owners and operators. Just like any vehicle on the road, trucks face the possibility of being involved in an accident. While hitting car is bad enough, incidents involving pedestrians could lead to dismissal from your contracts and even criminal charges. Installing mirrors on your oversize vehicle may help reduce the blind spots you face as a truck driver and lower the chances of hitting a passer-by.

  • Flat mirrors should be mounted on either side of the windshield. From these mirrors, you should see the bottom of the rear tires, the sides of the truck, and a couple of hundred feet behind your vehicle.
  • A convex mirror should be located below the flat mirror on both the left and right sides. The entire side of your truck, from the ground to the mirror mounts, part of the rear tires, and a minimum of one traffic lane on either side, should be seen from these mirrors.
  • One crossover mirror should be mounted on the front corners of the truck on each side. These mirrors should allow the driver to see the area in front of the vehicle from the front bumper and tires upward, as well as the space around the doors of the cab.

Should an accident involving a pedestrian occur, your truck insurance may help pay for any medical bills and death benefit. By installing the mirrors discussed above however, you may be able to help avoid such an incident in the first place.