When running a freight company, truck insurance is not something you want to skimp on. You want to make sure your drivers and cargo are sufficiently covered in a variety of circumstances. Why is insurance vital? State and federal agencies may require freight companies to have liability insurance to pay for trucking incidents that involved injuries to third parties. Your trucks could be damaged by a multitude of events, such as weather, collision, and vandalism. No matter if it is Mother Nature or a human force your trucks need to be insured against it all.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic behind a huge tuck and worried that their cargo did not look secure? In Pine River, Wisconsin, this common fear became reality when a shower basin fell off a truck one afternoon in 2011, hitting two cars according to News Talk WSAU.com. Two people were injured. Another recent incident occurred in Michigan. A crash involving a truck ended with no injuries, but 6,000 gallons of corn syrup covered the road and surrounding area according to several news reports. 

With truck insurance, the damage to vehicles and loss of cargo, like in the incidents mentioned above, could be covered by your insurance provider. Without the right amount of insurance, your business would have to pay for the losses.. Make sure your insurance is adequate for your fleet of trucks – speak to your agent about updating your coverage if necessary.