Are you thinking of setting up in business in California as a contractor? In addition to your trade skills and business acumen, you will need to invest in materials, vehicles, equipment, business premises and California contractors insurance. Rather than spending time shopping round for coverage, consider engaging the services of an insurance agency to find the best value California contractors’ insurance for your new enterprise.

California contractors’ insurance may provide financial protection for your investment in your contracting business. There are many facets to contracting, and you are likely to need a variety of different insurance products. Five insurance products might be essential for your business:

•    General liability coverage may protect you from liability claims arising from owning property, contracting operations, operating machinery and selling or distributing products.

•    Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory in California if you employ one or more worker.

•    Commercial auto insurance is mandatory for your contracting company’s vehicles.

•    As a contractor in California you have a mandatory obligation to have a Contractors’ License Bond to cover the risk of violating Contractors’ State License laws.

•    Contractors’ property insurance covers tools used in carrying our contracting work. Be sure that you have coverage to help replace lost or damaged tools promptly without interrupting your contracting business.

A local insurance agency can obtain quotes for California contractors insurance from a number of insurance companies and help you to assess which policy offers the best value for your business. Engage an insurance agency to manage your insurance needs so that you can focus your efforts on launching and building your new contracting company.