Insurance is all about thinking ahead and taking steps to mitigate loss when things go wrong, and as a contractor you might be more aware than most people of the sorts of mishaps and accidents that can happen. One of the most important features of your California contractors insurance is liability insurance; without contractor liability insurance in place a contractor may struggle to find work on commercial projects in California. General contractor liability insurance in California provides coverage in five areas:

  • Bodily injury coverage is designed to offer you financial protection when a person suffers physical harm at your place of business.
  • Products liability insurance is designed to cover losses related to products or services provided by your business.
  • Personal injury coverage offers a means of safeguarding your funds if an individual claims that image or reputation has been damaged, for example as a result of libel or slander.
  • Advertisement injury coverage offers protection in the event of law suits related to advertising damages such as trademark or copyright infringements and defamation cases.
  • Independent contractor liability coverage offers protection in the event of loss and damage caused by an independent contractor, by negligent acts or omissions.

You’re in the contracting business to make a profit, and California contractors insurance may protect you from the risk of having business profits and capital eroded by the cost of lawsuits. One of our agents would be happy to help you find the contractors’ insurance policy that offers the most appropriate coverage for your particular business.