With recent legislation aiming to prevent black market contracting, a term coined to describe contractors working without the proper insurance, now more than ever your business needs to be covered. Many of the new contactors entering the work force often overlook the importance of contactor insurance. Failing to obtain California contractors insurance coverage could cost you many a client.

What sort of insurance should you purchase? Liability coverage is vital. A construction site can be a very dangerous place. Who will be held liable should an injury occur? With the right liability coverage, you could prevent undue financial burden for yourself as well as the property owner you are working for. 

Errors and omission insurance is also vital coverage for any contractor. Often known as professional liability, this type of insurance may cover expenses related to negligence claims by clients. Without E & O coverage, you could easily be bankrupted by court costs and damages.

By taking the time to research the type of coverage that is needed, you can take the guesswork out of California contractors insurance. The small act of obtaining the proper insurance could save you from financial loss. It may just also help you pull in more business!