Any Californian building professional who is thinking of setting up a business as a contractor needs to invest in materials, equipment and a motor vehicle for the business. Another important investment is California contractors insurance, to protect the assets of the business from the financial consequences of accidents and disasters.

Working for yourself is different from working for a boss, and will call on many skills and talents you didn’t realize you had. You may also need to develop new skills, including the ability to manage your time. Here are four tips for using your time well.

•    Always carry a notebook and pen, or use the notes feature on your cell phone, to record anything of importance such as appointment times, receipt numbers or bright ideas that pop into your head. This helps to save time hunting for notes that you’ve jotted down on a scrap of paper and mislaid.

•    Prioritize your time. Decide what sorts of activity are important for your business and do those tasks first; other less important tasks can wait their turn.

•    Make a draft schedule for each week and a firm schedule for each day.

•    Beware of over-tight scheduling. Give yourself some leeway so that a delay in the morning doesn’t disrupt your schedule for the whole day.   

Developing time management skills helps you to run your business more effectively and profitably. Carrying California contractors insurance helps to give you peace of mind in knowing that your investment in your business is protected. A local insurance agent can help you to find the best value in contractors’ insurance so that you can get on with developing your new business.