Is your business prepared for a disaster? As a precautionary step to protect your contracting business from the financial consequences of a disaster, you may have purchased California contractors insurance. As a building contractor it’s worth looking at the other side of the coin and bearing in mind that a disaster in your region could place a lot of pressure on your business. Would you be ready to cope with a sudden influx of work?

It’s prudent for anyone, whether they are in business or a private citizen, to prepare for a weather disaster by purchasing a NOAA weather radio. This will allow you to receive local weather broadcasts and warnings about weather hazards and other events that you should be prepared for.

Think about how you might respond to a disaster that didn’t affect you or your business directly, but caused your building services to be in great demand. Consider how clients would know how to contact you, how you’d be able to travel around and where you would be able to purchase supplies. Of course you can’t imagine every possible eventuality but it makes sense at least to give the matter some serious thought.

By purchasing a California contractors insurance policy you have taken steps to protect your contracting business from the effects of a disaster. Now might be a good time to consider how, as a building contractor, you would be able to respond to a disaster that affected your region.