50 Commercial Truck Questions To Ask In An Interview

Thinking of signing on with a new trucking company?  Before you sign anything educate yourself, remember the interview process isn’t just for the company’s benefit, this is also your opportunity to get to know them.  Establishing relationships in any industry is important; this is especially true in commercial trucking.  Even before you interview learn as much about the company as you can, find out what they do, what they make, and what kind of services they provide.  Then ask questions about the actual job requirements, benefits, type of work that you will be expected to do, and if you will be required to obtain your own commercial truck insurance.  Be prepared to take notes!  Your personal list of interview questions may grow or shrink as you determine your own requirements.   

Here’s an example list of questions that a company driver will want to ask recruiters before deciding to accept the job.  It is comprehensive enough to give you a good idea of how the company operates.  It’s also a good idea to include the contact person’s full name, company’s name, phone number, and date on your checklist for future reference.


1.Will I be a:  Hired employee / Contract driver

2.As an employee, how is my pay figured?  Hourly / By the mile Rate____

3.If paid by the mile, how is mileage calculated? Hub miles / Computer program / Dispatched miles / Loaded miles

4.Does the company hold back the first paycheck? No / Yes: One week / Two weeks

5.Will I be required to carry my own commercial truck insurance?

6.What benefits does the company offer?

€       Paid vacation?   After how long ______  How much time_______

€       Sick days?  After how long ______  How many sick days________

€       Health/dental care: Is family included?  No / Yes

€       Safety awards

€       Retirement plans/401K

€       Rider policy: Company paid? No / Yes: What are the age requirements? Is it limited to family members only?

€       Safety bonuses No / Yes: no violations/accidents / Customer Service / Feedback/complaints from general public/ On-time / SO&D / Idle time / On time /  Fuel Mileage


6.What is the company policy on fueling? Driver choice of supplier / Company choice of supplier / Fuel Card supplied / Driver pays & company reimburses

7.Do you have forced dispatch?

8.What regions does the company expect you to run?

9.Does the company offer dedicated runs? How do I get one?

10.  Does driver work directly with brokers (hand-offs)?

11.  What is the company policy on check calls (status for the day)?

12.  Does the company allow pets in the truck?  Are damage deposits required? How much? What is the deposit return policy?

13.  Does company provide cell phones?

14.  Does the company pay for:

€       Layovers

€       Detention time

€       Canceled loads

€       Motel/Food

€       Multiple drops and picks

€       Tolls

€       Truck washes

€       Trailer wash-outs

€       Scale tickets

€       Minor road repairs to equipment such as clearance lights, wiring, etc.

15.  How many miles per week can I expect to run?

16.  How many days/weeks will a driver be kept out?

17.  What is the policy on home time?


18.  Is the driver responsible for loading and unloading? No / Yes

19.  If not, how is the lumper issue handled? Company contract with lumpers / Advances for lumpers (deduct from paycheck) / Reimbursement for lumper with receipts

20.  If driver unloads, how is payment made? Flat rate / Hourly / Piece / By weight


21.  What kind of truck will I be driving? Year                   Make                          Model

22.  Can driver take the truck home? No / Yes

23.  What kind of transmission?

24.  What kind of engine?

25.  What kind of sleeper?

26.  Can I put my own chrome and lights on the truck? No / Yes

27.  Are speeds governed? No / Yes: Governed at what speed?

28.  CB equipped? No / Yes

29.  AM/FM radio/TV? No / Yes

30.  Refrigerator? No / Yes

31.  Qualcom? No / Yes

32.  Air Ride seats? No / Yes

33.  Engine Brakes? No / Yes

34.  Opti-Idle? No / Yes

35.  How often does company purchase new equipment?

36.  Can I purchase my truck through the company? No / Yes: Lease/purchase plan? No / Yes Success rate on lease/purchase?


37.  Does the company provide training? No / Yes

38.  Is training paid by company? No / Yes

39.  If company paid, is there a penalty if I leave the company before a specified period of time? No / Yes : How is it calculated?

40.  What are trainer requirements?

41.  Does the trainer receive extra pay? No / Yes

42.  As a trainer, will I be able to refuse to train a potential driver? No / Yes

43.  Is trainer responsible for actions of trainees? No / Yes

44.  What is the length of training period?

45.  Will I be assigned solo after the training period? No / Yes

46.  Are female trainers provided for female trainees upon request? No / Yes

47.  Is an escrow, security deposit, performance bond, or any type of money held back by the company? No / Yes: What is the required amount, and what is the return policy?

48.  Is transportation provided to orientation? No / Yes

49.  Motel/Food paid by company? No / Yes

50.  If I am disqualified or if I choose not to sign on, does the company pay for my transportation back home? No / Yes


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