Q: As a trucker, what type of filings do I need to activate my operating authority, and what do they mean?

A: Having the right insurance filing in place is important to keep your operating authority in good standing. The filing you need depends on your type of business, vehicle, cargo and where the vehicle transports. There are two types of filings: federal and state-specific. If your business does interstate trucking, for example, or transports a specific type of cargo you’d need these federal filings: BMC-32, BMC-34, BMC-91(91x) filings or an MCS-90 form. In addition, if you operate in California, for example, you may need a MCP-65 filing. Whichever the case may be, your insurance company will actually issue the filing on your behalf. A good insurance agent will make sure all filings are done promptly.

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