Truck Liability Insurance

According to trucking industry statistics, the total distance traveled in highway miles equals 195,713 round trips to the moon. Wow!

Of course, all those miles are not driven without an accident or two along the way. As part of your commercial truck insurance package, you need to include a truck liability policy. Truck liability insurance protects you from damage or injuries to other people as a result of a truck accident and is usually the most costly portion of any trucking company’s insurance package—for good reason!

Truck liability coverage is mandated by the State and Federal governments and a form of proof is required to be sent to them in order to operate. Fortunately, our agents at Berrier Insurance are here to provide your business with a reliable and strong liability insurance plan, along with our knowledge and expertise in the field.

Truck liability insurance is designed to protect your business with the following:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability

It is imperative that your business meets government requirements, and we can help. With a team of specialized agents behind you, you can feel peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands. Allow us to help you safeguard your business.

Choose Our Reliable Trucking Insurance Agency

At Berrier Insurance, we make all commercial truck insurance filings quickly to keep your business on the road. We will quickly have your Federal BMC91X, BMC34, MCS90, or state filings issued once your insurance is in place because if  you’re filings are made, you can’t operate. This is why our agents are here to help you be the best that you can be in the industry. Contact us today for a liability quote by calling 888-472-4915 or filling out a free quote form. We’re here to help, whether you’re located in California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, or Washington.